Adieu 2016… Welcome 2017!

Finally another year has passed by and a I have stepped into a crispy crunchy new year which has brought with itself an inkling of new opportunities.

Year 2016 was a mixed bag. It had its ups and down – personally, nationally and globally. The year brought a lot of doubts, confusions and instability in my personal life. An identity crisis, severe health issues, financial issues. But then, the year was very helpful as I was able to overcome the financial issues and lack of job satisfaction. Health is better now, and yes, the I got promotion in office. I am enjoying the new job role –  a lot to learn, scope to meet different people and the sense of job satisfaction.

On national front, the last few months were difficult. It was expected as approximately 86 per cent of national currency had been scrapped by the Government in a bold move to curb black money directly and to control other auxiliary problems like counterfeit notes and terrorism. As a result, even though we had money in our bank accounts, getting cash was a pain. People waited in queues in front of ATMs for hours to withdraw limited amount of cash. But this was not as bad as it sounds. We are now focusing more on cash less transactions wherever possible. Since the last few months I have used Paytm and similar online money transfer apps to transfer money to shopkeepers rather than waiting in queue for hours to get cash. I certainly hope we would see the benefit of more and more cash less transactions in the new year.

On international front, the US elections made a great ruckus. I had not expected Donald Trump to be the president elect, but then… I have absolutely no say in the decision making of US citizens. Mr. Trump is a successful businessman but then again leading a nation is not everyone’s business.Will Donald Trump be able to make America great again? – We will see in 2017.

I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year. May all your wishes come true and may we all enjoy the new year with our friends, families and neighbors in peace.



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