Haunting Jasmine – an enchanting tale of second chances

Book – Haunting Jasminehaun
Author –  Anjali Banerjee
Publishers – Berkley
Genre – Novels, Fiction, Paranormal, Multi cultural, South Asian Writings

Jasmine Mistry is overcoming a bad divorce resulting from her ex-husband’s infidelity. Things are not smooth on the work front either. In such a situation she is called by her Aunt Ruma, to manage her bookstore in Shelter Island for a month. While Aunty Ruma goes on a trip to India to mend her heart, Jasmine tries to manage this old dusty bookstore filled to the rafters with out of print books. While her stay in her Aunt’s old Victorian house she realizes that this book store has a mind of its own and gets cranky if left on its own for long. While her stay, she meets a Connor Hunt, a doctor by profession who gradually helps her realize her potential.

Initially the character of Jasmine is not lovable at all. She is bitter with her heart-break and is unable to feel happiness for others. She feels that she can no longer trust or love a man any more. A women with a high flying corporate career, Jasmine is more into logics and facts and finds the life in Shelter Island to be boring.However as the story proceeds she starts to feel at home, and remembers the happy incidents from her childhood. Gradually as she spends more and more time in the book store we notice positive changes in Jasmine, welcoming changes. It is a an entertaining tale about how a bookstore and books can really help people overcome tough situations in their life and any book lover like me would fall head over heals for this story. The haunting or the spirits in the book are amusing and interesting, and not scary. For a lack of better word, the book store is more enchanted rather than haunted. The story is about life and second chances. Connor, Ruma, Jasmine all get second chance at living.

It was an easy read and I completed this book in less than 24 hours. This is the first book that I have read of Anjali Banerjee, and I look forward to read her other books now. and while the writing was mostly easy flowing, sometimes I found myself skimming through the lines. It is perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon read.

My rating : 4/5


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