Kiriti Omnibus 2 – Adventures of another Bengali Sleuth


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As I had mentioned in my last post, for the past few days, I have quite a lot of time at my disposal, which I am utilizing by eating sleeping, reading and blogging.

I had this book Kiriti Omnibus -2 by Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta (Bengali: নীহাররঞ্জন গুপ্ত) (6 June 1911 – 20 February 1986) since the last several months and this was the perfect time to dust of the book from the shelf and dive into the adventures of one of the most popular Bengali detectives that the world has seen after Feluda and Byomkesh Bakshi.

To my dismay, there were not many resources available about this Kiriti, the fabulous creation of Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta. Kiriti Ray is a renowned private detective from Kolkata (Calcutta) and is a combination of intelligence and physical prowess.

The first story that I read from the omnibus was  –  Holud Shaitan (হলুদ শয়তান) or the Yellow Devil.

The story revolves around a mysterious entity called Raktamukhi Dragon (blood-faced dragon) who had already kidnapped one of the rich businessmen in Sri Lanka and killed another. Kiriti Roy comes to know about this case through newspaper while in Kolkata and decides to investigate this as the mystery interests him. As a well known detective from Kolkata, Kiriti receives  full support from the Sri-Lankan police department and identifies that another businessman is being targeted by the mysteriously criminal entity.

The modus operandi is also quite strange in the case –  one of the victims dies without any physical wound except a few droplets of blood on the neck, while no one was found in the room. The other dies due to some sort of green toxic gas.

Once i complete the next story, I will add a synopsis of the same here.

Kiriti Omnibus comes under the genre of Kishore Sahitya ( fiction for teens) and should be read as what it has been intended as. This is something that Bengali guys and girs have grown up reading in weekends and vacations.

Are you a Kiriti fan? Which one is your favorite Kiriti adventure?

PS  –  Popular sleuth Kiriti Roy to debut on silver screen





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