Book Review : The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail

img5Title : The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail
Author : Chetan Mahajan
Publisher : Penguin India
Goodreads Rating – 3.2/5 Flipkart rating – 3.9/5
Price : Rs. 165.30 (Amazon India)

What happens when a high flying Indian corporate guy with MBA degree from US gets sent to an Indian Jail for no fault of his own?

A book like this one gets authored that exposes the readers to the underbelly of Indian Jails that tells us about everything that is wrong with the prison system and judicial system in India

The author encounters several inmates who are stuck in jail because they do not have as meager amount as 2500/- to get bail. Then there are other inmates who have the luxury of using cellphones, ipods and inverter. He tells us how the jail doctor uses “hands free” treatment on prisoners, checking up 30 prisoners in 30 minutes while not one’s touching the prisoner. Also we come to know that there is no concept of “Prevention before Cure” as the loos are filthy and stinking, flees and mosquitoes abound.


Chetan Mahajan – Finding value in bad boys

Money is supposed to be banned in prisons, however the jail has it’s own economy, supported by the powerand corruption that comes from the cops. The food is bad for prisoners, as the good things are consumed by the officials while most prisoners get “goat piss” tea.

Thanks to his social stature, Mahajan was allowed to meet his visitors personally in a room without a wire mesh separating them, and that he was out of it in 30 days.

If you are looking forward to reasons, this book will be able to more than convince you why you should not be on the wrong side of the prison wall.

Value for money rating : 4/5


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