Julie & Julia (2009) – A Deliciously Funny and Warm Plot

julieA few days back, I had watched The Hundred Foot Journey . For the first time in life I realized that being a foodie that I am, and with my constant experiments with food recipes, I also love movies about food and cooking. After watching The Hundred Foot Journey, I was looking for more movies on similar plots when I stumbled across a question in Quora where I learnt the name of this movie – Julie & Julia for the first time. The fact that Meryl Streep was in it, was an added bonus.

I really don’t understand why movies like never get promoted in our country. I am sure I am not the only person in this country of 1.2 billion people who like movies like this. And speaking about me I liked loved this movie so much.

Julie (Amy Adam) is a medium level Government officer, who finds cooking to be her way out from her regular, boring and stressful job. Her husband Eric (Chris Messina) supports her all the way, and in fact suggests her that she should blog about cooking. So in her tiny kitchen in Queens, Julie challenges herself to work her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking within a a deadline of 1 year, and starts blogging about it.

Two stories run side by side in this movie :

(1) The life of Julie and Eric in Queens, with their daily life, challenges, issues and how they overcome it together.

(2) Julia Child (Meryl Streep ) and her husband Paul (Stanley  Tucci) who’s a diplomat who met during wartime emergencies, fell in love, married, and enjoyed the subtlety of french cuisine together. It also tells us, how Julia, a women who barely knew how to cook, finally started attending French cooking classes, as there were no French Cookbooks in English, and how she started loving it.

Meryl Streep is amazing in the movie, so funny, so touching, so brilliant — from her uncanny mimicry of Child’s fluting, whooping voice to the subtle but heart-piercing way she suggests Julia’s pain at being childless.

This a perfect movie for you to watch on a lazy afternoon, if you are a foodie and love to cook.

My Ranking : 4.8/5


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8 Responses to Julie & Julia (2009) – A Deliciously Funny and Warm Plot

  1. Love this movie! Have you checked out Chef and The Hundred Foot Journey? Two more excellent foodie movies. Oh! And A Big Night is great too!


  2. BrownPotato says:

    Yes, I had watched The Hundred Foot Journey a few days back, and in fact I was looking for more foodie movies which led me to Julie & Julia. I have watched Chef as well. Never heard of A Big Night till now.

    Let’s see if I can get this movie here. 😀

    Thanks for dropping by, and sharing the name of the movies that you’ve liked.


  3. It looks like you tried to follow my blog. You actually need to go to insidekelskitchen.wordpress.com and follow me there to see my posts. I somehow ended up with a parent account that I can’t delete. Thanks for the follow! Have a great day!


    • BrownPotato says:

      I was able to follow your blog successfully, Also I watched another Foodie movie called The Ramen Girl… It’s a movie about how an American girl goes to Tokyo, Japan, to meet her boyfriend, who leaves her alone in Tokyo. And the girl decides to become a Ramen Chef.

      Have you watched it?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I have seen that movie. It was really cute! I’ve also watched a lot of the food related documentaries like Supersize Me and Food Inc. These are good to and they will change the way you eat. Both of these are on Netflix right now.


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