Why are there not many contemporary books for men?


Man jumping with book

Have you ever asked this question to yourself? I did… and a couple of times. As in modern times, most of the answers are found in Google and not in the holy books.

So i googled it up, and realised that Jason Pinter had already answered the question several years ago here.

Nobody can deny the fact that most editorial meetings tend to be dominated by women. Saying the ratio is 75/25 is not overstating things. So needless to say when a male editor pitches a book aimed at men, there are perilously few men to read it and give their opinions. Not to mention that, because there are so few men, the competition to buy books aimed at men is astronomical. I was once shot down in an effort to buy a sports humor book because I couldn’t get the support of a senior editor. The reason? This editor had written a similar book proposal on submission and didn’t want to hurt his chances of selling it.

Men read. Tons of them do. But they are not marketed to, not targeted, and often totally dismissed.

And I agree with Jason on this. I have been a reader all my life. In fact I used to gorge on any literary piece – newspapers/magazines/books/newspaper wrappers et al. So I am not going to take it, when some one says “Men Don’t Read” the next time.

To prove his point, that books are now marketed towards women only, and the existence of men is simply ignored Jason had linked a few advertisements that promte ebook readers like Nook and Kindle.

However, we are lucky. Amazon has not been so biased in the Indian market. Check out the ad for Kindle and Amazon India :

Even though I do not like the #WeAreTheReaders advert by Amazon, it healthily markets itself to both men and women – for the love of reading, and this make me feel that we Indian men haven’t yet lost the ground, Let’s read more books this year and make sure that we stop this vicious circle.


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2 Responses to Why are there not many contemporary books for men?

  1. groverkaram says:

    Good article. honestly I have found much better material online on personal blogs. It’s what inspired me to try to write my own blog. I think more men need to start writing to change the mindset. Check out my blog here https://theindianmansden.wordpress.com/


  2. renxkyoko says:

    This made me think…..


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